High Schools Partner with The Father McKenna Center

Five area high schools will partner with the Father McKenna Center this year. Each school brings its unique way of helping out. Gonzaga . . . Stone Ridge . . . Georgetown Prep . . . Georgetown Visitation . . . Holy Child


Gonzaga College High School students come on Thursday and Friday during their lunch periods to serve in the Food Pantry and to serve the Midday Meal to our Day Shelter guests.

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart sends six students to work in the kitchen on Social Actions Days (alternate Wednesdays). The help prepare the Midday Meal, serve the meal and some assist in our Food Pantry.

IMG_4813Georgetown Prep helped the Center launch its more aggressive Saturday meals program for the men struggling with homelessness. Once per month resident students at Prep come to serve our guests with breakfast and lunch, and a group of freshmen come to assist in the Food Pantry and Clothing Closet.

Georgetown Visitation will be holding a winter coat drive for the Center in October and plans for other activities are beginning to take shape.

Connelly School of the Holy Child participates in our Thanksgiving Basket program, providing all the fixings for about 50 bags.

We are blessed by our connection to these schools, and are always looking for new partners!

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